We are a meme token that has been built on the foundations of the $Marmite Capital investment group. We are a group of avid crypto investors that wanted to create a token to represent ourselves and every person that joins our group. This was the first stage of our journey and our second phase is a rebrand to $YETI Token with a few subtle yeasti spread treats mixed in for all the old school $MARMATES!

We originally launched on the Lamden Blockchain but after the chain broke and the developers decided to abandon the project we were stuck in a tough position.

Every token on the Lamden blockchain basically became worth nothing overnight.

The question was would we let our vision die or would we back the community that had supported us for so long.

We decided to make a plan and relaunch our token on the BSC chain and bring along our community. We pride ourselves on saving rugged investors of other tokens so we could not let a similar fate, even if not our fault, happen to our community.

We worked day and night to get our token back up and running and we are very proud to say that as one of the only DOXXED meme tokens out there we relaunched on BSC on 31st March 2024.


  • Team Tokens14.16
  • Marketing Wallet6.66
  • Circulating Supply79.18


17bn $YETI team tokens.

Marketing Wallet

8bn $YETI Marketing funds.

Circulating SupplY

95bn $YETI circulating supply.


Lamden PHASE-1 2022/23

PHASE-2 2024

PHASE-3 2024/25


$YETI is currently available on Pancake Swap DEX Exchange, also please see below guide which will give full details on a step by step process

Liquidity will be added to the pool on Pancake swap and shortly after launch will be locked for a set period of time


Yes, liquidity will be locked shortly after launch for a set period of time 

Get those umbrellas ready because here at $YETI we look to give back to our community and constantly airdrop tokens in the telegram chat. 

We have a small tax on all buys and sells which will allow us to airdrop BNB on our telegram regularly

Our community is tight knit and all people involved are our Marmates! Lets goooooo Moon time babbbyyyy!


Below shows the best way to join the $YETI community and get the heralded title of a Marmate, Lets goooooo

Using your preferred exchange

Link at top of homepage under Buy $YETI 

Connect Metamask wallet to Pancake swap

Swap BNB for $YETI ensuring you set the correct amount of slippage shown 

Contract: 0xA2936abe3341B326f8F9BafFBd9988B2b7384229

Go to Metamask and import our contract address so you can view your YETI