We are a meme token that has been built on the foundations of the $Marmite Capital investment group. We are a group of avid crypto investors that wanted to create a token to represent ourselves and every person that joins our group. This was the first stage of our journey and our second phase is a rebrand to $YETI Token with a few subtle yeasti spread treats mixed in for all the old school $MARMATES!

Our token is based on a rewards system that currently offers Lamden TAU rewards to all holders with taxes happening on buys and sells!

We have large plans to grow and add to current markets so we have constant volume between markets and therefore regular rewards for our investors


  • Team Tokens18.18
  • Marketing Wallet17
  • BSC LP9.09
  • Circulating Supply55.73


20bn $YETI team tokens.

Marketing Wallet

18.7bn $YETI Marketing funds.



Circulating SupplY

61.3bn $YETI circulating supply.


PHASE-1 2022

PHASE-2 2023

PHASE-3 2024


$YETI is currently available on Rocketswap DEX Exchange, also please see below guide which will give full details on a step by step process

Currently we have split liquidity between a large amount of investors. The largest liquidity holder has approx 70% but we are looking to introduce a multisig approach where liquidity is only obtainable if a number of people sign off on this.

We will look to introduce this when we enter markets with much larger reach.

The entire team is doxxed and are known by the community and have built a track record over the last 18 months proving that this project will last into the long and distant future.

We encourage all investors to give a helping hand and grow the liquidity to facilitate larger buyers and increase the amount of people holding the pool

This is unlikely as we need to be flexible when we look to add markets so liquidity is always split evenly over the different markets.

Get those umbrellas ready because here at $YETI we look to give back to our community and constantly airdrop tokens in the telegram chat. Come check us out and contribute to a buzzing community to see regular tips and rain dropped to say thank you from the team!

Our community is tight knit and all people involved are our Marmates! Lets goooooo Moon time babbbyyyy!


Below shows the best way to join the $YETI community and get the heralded title of a Marmate, Lets goooooo

Using your preferred exchange

Go to pancake swap and search for the below contract,


Then you can swap your BNB for TAU

Link at the top of the home page.

Always remember to save your seed phrase so you do not risk losing your tokens

Select Start New Swap 

Choose BSC Chain (Gold logo)

Select Lamden Mainnet Token

Connect Metamask

Connect Lamden Wallet

Execute Bridge

Once completed your TAU will now be in your lamden wallet 

Link at top of homepage under Buy $YETI 

Connect Lamden wallet to Rocketswap in the bottom left hand corner

Swap TAU for $YETI ensuring you set the correct amount of slippage shown 

Go to lamden wallet and under main balance click add token, and select $YETI